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The Venus Factor in Love & Relationships
- by Rosa Derriviere

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Venus Intro:
In Astrology, the planet Venus shows how we express love and affection, how we act in intimate relationships, and the way we see things as beautiful or valuable. It says a lot about the way we approach relationships, and what we are looking for and who we are attracted to. In popular Astrology, Venus is known as the "Love Planet" and rules the 7th house of Marriage and partnerships. Our Venus sign plays a very important role in the way we behave in love relationships as well as business, partnerships . Another way Venus can be seen is, as our own, "aesthetic DNA" that enables us to create( to a certain degree) the kind of image we want to present, to the world and the choices that we make in life are strongly marked, in our Venus sign Venus Mythology: Venus to the Romans, or Aphrodite to the Greeks, is the mythological goddess of love and beauty. She represents the ultimate "feminine Principle." as well as fertility and healing The sign, containing the planet Venus indicates the way we seek to give and receive love and affection. Venus attains her desires by passively attracting, like the flower attracts the Bee, with its colour and sweet nectar to lure it into acting as the agent of fertilization.

Venus in love
Our Venus sign will also show us, what kind of partner we're likely to be attracted to, and how, important marriage is to us, whether we are likely to marry, and at what age, or perhaps not at all. Certain Venus signs, such as Venus placed in Water signs for example (Cancer Scorpio Pisces) needs emotional connection in relationships above material wealth. Whilst other Venus placements such as (Venus Gemini Libra Aquarius ) need social and intellectual stimulation. What ever our early experiences, were, our Venus sign, reveals our uniqueness and our attitude and needs towards relationship, and marriage. Our ability to be happy or find happiness is intrinsically linked to our Venus sign. .

The planet Venus in a woman's chart indicates how she attracts Love .In any other person's chart Venus will be one of twelve signs but cannot be more than two signs away from your birth sign.
Venus takes on average one month to travel through a sign so all persons born in a one month period, will have Venus in the same sign. Each Venus sign has a separate way of attracting which can be unconscious. Sometimes, when a woman is, in the presence, of attractive males she may flirt in a certain way which, uses the strategies of that sign. Or she may, act in a certain way to get what she wants.
For Flirting she'll use the same set of strategies, and so will a man, to obtain the object of their desires.

Tastes and values:
Venus also reflect our tastes, likes and dislikes, as well as our personal style and what we present to the world (Our persona) the clothes we choose to wear, and what ultimately, brings us joy, happiness and pleasure, can all be seen in our Venus sign. The strength and flavour of our Venus, sign can also show how easy or difficult we are to please, and how far we go, to make others happy. Venus says much about our values our association to money, and how easy it is for us to earn and spend It, and generally what we like to spend it on The kind of music we play and listen to is also reflected in our Venus sign as well as the interiors in our home and the colours that we choose.
When considering our Venus, we might ask our selves- what gives us pleasure, and what, excites us. The planet also describes our attitude to all social interactions and whether we like to party or are the stay-at-home-type. Venus says a lot about our need, for peace and harmony, and our ability to achieve this (or not) The principle of cooperation, is the key to this planet, and success, of all relationships and knowing your Venus sign can give you a much better understanding, of yourself, your partner friends and family.

I am woman, hear me roar:
This, declaration, is from an old hit song by Helen Reddy and illustrates the modern day Venus dynamic operating in one empowered individual. Woman, do not have to be full time maidens or wives nor do they have to be receptive or passive and purely feminine all the time. They can express their Masculine energy when its suits them.
A woman can roar and a man can cry and still they are who they are. A women expressing masculine energies and a man expressing feminine energies yin and Yang, Passive and active, we have both polarities operating in our psyche. When a woman sees a man she wants she does not have to stick to her Venus Strategy and put it into "attraction act" She can also initiate an "Assertive act". in Male and female relationships both feminine and masculine energies are at play and active in their own way.

Understanding your partner:
Knowing where your partner's Venus sign can be very helpful and insightful to understanding their, basic needs So many relationships break-down because we don't know how to make each other happy which ultimately is what we look for and strive toward, in the long term. Mutual happiness and aspirations can all be seen in our Venus sign so for example If your Partner has Venus in an Earth sign they are likely to be polite value tradition and look for tangibility and results in relationships Material security is also important, with this Venus placement as well as a mature approach to emotional matters. Obviously we have to be true to out selves, and, being too understanding, can compromise our own needs However knowing our Venus sign as well as our , partners gives us the essential clues we look for to keeping our relationship alive, happy and healthy.

Venus and psychology:
The psychology associated with Venus can result in either war or peace ,within our lives and relationship arena. Venus describes our need for harmony and peace and our ability to achieve it or not. The principle of cooperation along with fairness and justice are the key to understanding. Our Venus is ultimately associated with the "Feminine Principle" the role of the maiden or of the Femme Fatal. Jealousy- and the degree to how we may or may not be threatened when the object of our desires so much as looks at another person is largely based on how we feel about ourselves Our Venus sign has a bearing, on our self esteem, and confidence. And depending on the sign it's in will show us how we react and respond when we feel threatened. If we feel reasonably sexy and attractive to others, we will feel less threatened if it's a case of the opposite then our Venus sign will reveal our coping strategies.

Vanity and Avarice:
Venusian behaviour can be overly- indulgent of the self or, of others. Conceit and Vanity are major Venusian traits. Vanity comes from the Latin word "empty". Individuals with a strong Venus May be given to flattery, and is easily flattered themselves. Excessive pride in ones appearance greed, sloth, and laziness can all be seen in a horoscope where there is strong Venus emphasis . Other traits that can be seen, when Venus runs Rampant in a Horoscope are, a huge appetite, particularly for Sweet foods excessive pride and, too much emphasis on luxury and comfort.

Famous people and their Venus sign:

Venus Aries Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Dillon
Venus Taurus Eric Clapton, Elle Macpherson Ryan O'Neal
Venus Gemini Joan Collins Sandra Bullock Cher Tom Hanks
Venus Cancer Sylvester stallone, courteney Cox, Lauren Hill Venus Leo Madonna Nichole Kidman Whitney Houston
Venus Virgo Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Melanie Griffith
Venus Libra Grace Kelly, Tony Braxton Sean Connery
Venus Scorpio Bette Midler, Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn
Venus Sagittarius Tina Turner, Kim Bassinger Mary J Blige
Venus Capricorn Cindy Crawford, Dolly parton, James Dean
Venus Aquarius Oprah Winfrey, Elton John Sheryl Crow
Venus Pisces Billie Holiday, Diana Ross, Celene Dion.

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