Is Your Pet Psychic?

by Misty Woodard

Psychic Cat

Can your pet be truly psychic? It's well known that many animals possess much higher senses and perceptions compared to humans, but does that truly make them "psychic" in a sense? Animals throughout history have been reported to "sense" when events are about to happen, or that they are able to sense when natural disasters strike. One such example of animals predicting future events is the case of snakes in China emerging early from their winter hibernation, just shortly before an earthquake hit. Here are three ways you can tell if your dog or cat, or any other pet, is psychic:

1. Your pet acts strangely before a big event. My cat runs and hides under the bed moments before a thunderstorm occurs. Your pet may exhibit similar behavior.

2. Your pet is aggressive or fearful towards certain people. This could be because certain people give off negative aura. There was one case of a stranger who came up to an old lady's house, asking to be let in under the pretense of being a salesman. The woman declined to do so, after her German Shepard began barking loudly and growling at the man. It was later discovered that the man was a dangerous escaped convict. The person your pet is fearful or aggressive towards does not necessarily have to be truly dangerous or evil, but they have done something to generate negative aura that is causing the response from your pet. Or it could also be that your pet happens to be just naturally distrustful of strangers.

3. Your pet can tell what's on your mind. I notice that when I feel upset or sad, my cat is more likely to try to approach me and comfort me. Animals with a heightened psychic sense can often detect human emotions and thoughts. You may also sometimes get the feeling that your pet knows what you are thinking (ie, you want to take kitty on a trip to the vet and suddenly he's nowhere to be found).

These are the top three ways to tell if your pet is psychic. More often than not, most animals are psychic in one way or another, but their heightened sense may deteriorate with age.

Psychic Dog

You may ask what kinds of animals or pets are more psychic than others. There is no clear cut answer to this one, as cats may be more sensitive in a certain area than dogs, and vice versa. It all depends on the breed, state, age, and more that will cause the psychic sensitivity to vary.

There have been many reports of people who are able to telepathically, or psychically, communicate with animals, such as supposed 'dog-whisperers' or 'horse whisperers'. This is completely possible, especially under the skill of an experienced psychic practitioner.

While you may not immediately start communicating telepathically with your pet, you can start by growing a closer bond to your pet, such as spending more time walking or playing with your pet. This strengthens the bond between human and animal and makes the possibility of telepathic communication more possible.

About the Author
Misty Woodard is an experienced psychic counselor and teacher who has been practicing psychic healing, spirit channeling, and clairvoyance for 15 years. She offers a psychic training course. click here for further information.

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