Shaping the Present
A brief introduction to using affirmations effectively

There are some simple laws of nature which, when observed, ensure that our valuable work is building toward a positive outcome. The first is that we need to know for certain what it is we want. We each create our own reality, at every moment of every day. There is no 'time off'. Every thought, every action, every word we articulate, determines our present and our future. But, how do we control our thoughts? Is it possible to change them? The answer is a resounding yes. What's more, it becomes easier as we become used to doing so. We can start right now.

It is a statement; a positive assertion or declaration. An affirmation states an intention you mean to carry out or have happen in your life. One very well known such statement which you may have heard is: "Every day, in every way, things are getting better and better". Another is "I love. I am love. I am loved." (This is actually a set of three which are linked.) Affirmations can be as general or as specific as you choose, and can apply to any situation.
All successful people use a method of goal setting. You are probably already using one yourself. If you keep a diary in which you write down your appointments you are setting goals, in confirming commitment and clear intention to do some things at specific times. If, as some do, you prioritise your diary by having 'A, B and C' lists of what you need to do, this is even closer to goal setting.
When you start making affirmations, you expand this process to invite into your life more of what you actively desire, as apposed to passively accepting what comes your way or seems to 'happen' to you. In other words, you are using your positive intentions and thoughts to take control of your own life.

Affirmations focus your mental energy onto what you want, rather than what you don't, and reinforce steps you are taking to improve your life and work toward specific goals. Through regularly defining and supporting these through this process, a direct relationship is created between thoughts and actions. they can be used alone or in conjunction with creative visualisation.
They help you to develop and maintain a belief system which empowers you. They encourage you to acknowledge your ongoing achievements, then build on these to create greater and greater successes!

In order for affirmations to work, it is essential to 'walk the talk'. If you write a personal goal stating that you will receive £1 million, it is no use sitting at home waiting for it to arrive at your door. It won't happen! I'm not saying it's impossible, but in my experience of using affirmations, it's very unlikely!
But, if you combine that idea with then putting your talents to best use, with more confidence, zest and energy than you have ever done before, and use any other money-spinning ideas you may have, your subconscious mind will know that you mean to have what you are asking for, and will then assist you by doing everything in its power to help you get it.
Similarly, you may have an affirmation which says 'My body is in peak physical condition'. It would be very confusing for your subconscious mind if you then lay on the couch watching TV, eating fatty foods and cream cakes. This sort of affirmation needs to be supported by taking exercise, having a healthy diet, and doing anything else which you know helps you to physically improve. You do not need to take any of these to an extreme unless you want to, but you need to show some commitment!
Activity in itself creates energy and momentum. Lethargy helps to maintain the status quo.
Using affirmations helps to create a flow of energy between your conscious and subconscious mind.
The process provides additional focus for what you are working towards. It can also help to address and to redress past, possibly negative, programming surrounding a particular issue.

Affirmations help you to work toward convincing your subconscious mind that you fully intend that what you are doing in the physical world will have the desired beneficial effect in your life. They also help to dislodge any negative feelings, however deep-seated, of lack of self-worth or self-confidence, or of guilt, which could otherwise prevent you from achieving your objectives.

The first time I combined use of the affirmation process with visualisation to achieve a specific major goal was when I wanted to move to London for career reasons. I had heard that there was a scheme whereby I could exchange my rented flat in another city for one in the capital. I enquired and found there were two schemes, both of which I joined; but I was met with a barrage of negative advice. 'If you get anything at all, you'll be offered a rat-infested, high-rise pit in a bad area, squatted by drug addicts who you'll have to evict yourself' was one offering which summarised the tone of what I was hearing. This was very depressing and I almost felt I should just give up.
Then, something awoke in me. I had done several courses in the 1980s where affirmations were used; these were often quite general in content, but I knew how they were supposed to work. I decided to write one with a view to achieving my goal of finding decent accommodation in London. I also began to picture myself living in a beautiful new home, feeling peaceful and contented.
I made a list of everything I wanted. This included the date I wanted to move, the size of the flat, the floor it would be on, the type of building it would be in, the area it would be in, and the rent. I added some features and facilities I would also like, including the aspect and the level of noise. I composed an affirmation around all of this information. I had decided in March I wanted to move cities, and had been informed when I joined the schemes that if I did receive an offer, it could take years. That year I had studied two new languages; the last of the relevant exams was in June. When I returned home from taking it, the answerphone was flashing. There was a message asking if I might be interested in a flat. I called immediately and spoke to someone who was very unenthusiastic about what was on offer. I was told it had been 'turned down by two families' and was accessed 'up an awkward staircase'. I arranged to go to London to view it the following week. When I arrived I could not believe my luck! It was a spacious flat, at the top of a Georgian house, in a beautiful, quiet, tree-lined road full of individually architect-designed houses (several famous people still live there today!) Situated at the highest point of a hill, it had spectacular views from front and back, and yet was so close to the centre of London that I could actually see the dome of St Paul's Cathedral! And the rent was a small amount below what I had specified as my maximum. I could not wait to phone to accept. The date I moved was the date I had stated in my affirmation.
It has not always happened that I have been as successful as this with such a specific request. But it proved to me that, if the time is right and the will is there, setting specific goals can and does work.

I am doing all that is necessary to maintain a fit and healthy mind and body.
I am protected by my inner guidance at all times.
I rapidly recognise and overcome all negative thoughts and feelings.
I am becoming joyful and fulfilled in every area of my life.
I attract wealth and abundance into every area of my life, at all times.
I have everything I need, and more.
I am able to make decisions calmly, firmly and at the appropriate and optimum time.
My personal qualities are a source of inspiration, love and admiration for myself and for others.
My feelings of security, happiness, calm and wellbeing are well founded.
I place my trust in the universe, and its voice within me, to unfold events for the greater good of all concerned.

© Gayna

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