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Mysto the Mind Reader!
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Are you psychologically sound, or are you, like us, all twitter and bisted? Here's an online personality test that could give you some insight into who you really are (in case you don't know) and why you behave the way you do. When you've analysed your own personality (assuming you have one), get your partner / sibling / granny / budgie to take the test. You can have hours of harmless fun figuring out what makes each other tick. And you never know, you might even find a cure for your particular mania / obsession / neurosis. The test is in four parts (psychological tests are always in four parts, due to some mysterious quadrophiliacal fixation to which analytic psychologists are peculiarly prone) entitled Current Focus, Approach to Life, Introverted, and Extroverted Personalities - obviously devised by a clutch of Freud egg-heads and Jung lovers. Well, actually it was put together by Cathal Brugha, a lecturer at University College Dublin. Take it as seriously as you like.

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Ulla Zang's instant personality analysis test, based on your preference for certain shapes and colours. It's not exactly in-depth, but think of the money you're saving on psychoanalyst fees!

Quick Personality Test - Click here!

How psychic are you? This questionnaire, devised by top psychic Zak Martin, is designed to reveal your psychic quotient, or "Psi-Q". It predicts how you would be likely to perform in laboratory tests to determine your level of psychic ability. The questions are based on psychological factors and personality traits that have been found to coincide with varying levels and types of psychic ability in controlled laboratory experiments.

Psi-Q Questionnaire - Click here!

How can four identical shapes occupy a smaller amount of space when they are rearranged? You could hurt your brain trying to figure this one out!

Space From Nowhere - Click here!

Here's an interesting little experiment into a phenomenon called "motion aftereffect", also known as the "waterfall illusion". If you gaze for a minute or two at a moving but unchanging object against a stationary background and then look away, the sensation of motion will persist. The effect was first described by the ancient Greeks, but the spiral experiment seen here, which was devised in 1849 by the Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau, is by far the most powerful way to induce this illusion.

Motion Aftereffect Experiment - Click here!

Click here to download a more powerful version of this effect.
WARNING! This test is not suitable for individuals prone to seizures.

Andrew May has designed this simple interactive test which, he says, will analyze your personality in terms of the Chinese elements, show how your different emotional energies interact with each other, and suggest a meditation subject that will help you keep your karma in balance.

Zen Personality Test - Click here!

These are genuine free online tests of ESP and psychokinesis devised by Michael Daniels PhD, Senior Lecturer in Applied Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University.

Test Your ESP Click here! | Test Your PK Click here!

Here's another interesting optical illusion in which two static rings appear to rotate, providing further evidence that you can't always believe your eyes.

The Rotating Rings Illusion - Click here!

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